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“There’s an unspeakable connection between the water and I. A recognition, a knowing. A feeling of kinship with the wastness, with the immensely powerful force of nature.”


I want you to take a few moments to focus on yourself for yourself.
Life can be hard, full of the unknown, and filled with intense emotions. Emotions that might have been hard to deal with and impossible to process. So, they became your secrets.
SECRET GARDEN is a project to unburden your soul and turn your secrets into something breathtakingly beautiful.
Take a piece of paper and write down your deepest secret. Be honest, face your fears, cry and let it go. Together, with the flower seed, plant it deep into the ground. Nourish it, water it and observe your biggest fears and burdens turn into something magnificent.
With every secret a flower will grow and, slowly, your very own secret garden will bloom.